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Welcome to Vision Without Glasses! We are devoted to teaching people how to improve their eyesight naturally without contacts, glasses, or expensive surgery. (Please click here if you are looking for Duke Peterson’s official site.)

Have you ever wondered what people with poor vision did before glasses were invented? For one thing, they didn’t make their vision worse by wearing glasses all the time. Yes, wearing glasses and contacts can cause your eyes to get stuck the way they are. Why do you think people with normal vision are told not to try on other people’s glasses? Because it’s bad for their eyes!

william batesNearly 100 years ago Dr. William Bates developed an all-natural method for improving vision. But as eyeglasses became more and more affordable, most people opted for them instead. After all, why spend 15 minutes a day working on your eyesight when it takes less than 15 seconds to put on your glasses? Then with the invention of contact lenses, Dr. Bates’ method was almost completely forgotten.

Now the 21st century is here and the majority of us spend at least half of our days looking at screens. This is a big problem for those of us who wear glasses or contacts. Staring at bright screens while wearing them causes eyestrain, headaches, and even dizziness. Because of this and thanks to people like Duke Peterson, Dr. Bates’ system is finally making a comeback.

Vision Without Glasses is a program that takes Dr. Bates’ research and updates it with the latest ophthalmic research so you can improve your vision and finally stop wearing glasses or contacts. It takes time and patience, but it works. That’s why it’s been a top-selling ebook for over 3 years now.

In the future, we will update this site with tips on how to deal with all sorts of vision-related problems including astigmatism, eyestrain, hyperopia, light sensitivity, and more. For now, watch the video below or visit the official site.

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